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House Of Cavani Tuxedo Velvet Blazer Prom

Tuxedo Suits For Prom

Soon the trials and tribulations of school will be at an end, the only thing left to plan for will be what you will be wearing at the end of school Prom! Once upon a time, this right of passage for many youngsters was lovingly referred to as the school disco, but the UK has adopted the USA moniker of the school prom. In turn, this has caused the event to be much more glamorous. With this in mind, it is now critical that you look the part for your final day at school!

What To Wear At The Prom

You will want to stun everyone in the room with your style choices on this important day, follow this checklist to ensure you tick all the boxes!

• Tuxedo Blazer / Suit Jacket

• Skinny Fit Suit

• Slim / Skinny Trousers

• White Shirt

• Tie / Bow Tie

• Lace Up Shoes / Loafers

House Of Cavani Kingsman Tuxedo Blazer

Prom Tuxedo Blazers

One of the obvious choices for the forthcoming prom would be the iconic suit jacket. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, a vibrant coloured tuxedo style blazer in luxurious velvet. Bursting through those school doors donning a well-fitted burgundy suit jacket will ensure you will be one of the first who gets a dance with the prom queen!
Check out our tuxedo style blazer choices below!

House Of Cavani Tuxedo Velvet Blazer Prom Suit Jackets

House Of Cavani Rosa Black Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Rosa Navy Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Rosa Blue Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Rosa Lilac Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Rosa Wine Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Rikado Flame Velvet Blazer

House Of Cavani Black Blazer Prom

Prom Suit Blazers

If velvet is a little too flash for your liking, instead why not opt for a striking Italian style slim fit suit jacket. There will be many choices available in this classic style, bold solid colours should be the order of the day! If you want to go completely timeless, then a simple black jacket will be an ideal choice! Take a look at our blazer choices!

House Of Cavani Prom Blazers

House Of Cavani Konan White Blazer

House Of Cavani Makkar Blazer

House Of Cavani Erik Blazer

House Of Cavani Venice Blue Blazer

Skinny Fit Suits

 Another option is to wear a complete skinny fit suit, closer cut to your body which gives a sleek appearance. Choose a simple yet effective colour for a modern yet timeless look, navy, blue or grey would be an ideal choice. Alternatively, if you really want to stand out, why not choose a check skinny suit! See below for our top choices.

House Of Cavani Prom Skinny Fit Suits

House Of Cavani Blue Jay Skinny Fit Suit

House Of Cavani Verona Skinny Fit Suit

House Of Cavani Ford Skinny Fit Suit

House Of Cavani Kemson Tan Skinny Fit Suit

House Of Cavani Macy Grey Skinny Fit Suit

House Of Cavani Formal Shirts Prom

Formal Shirts

Complete your classic formal style with a classic looking crisp shirt. With your jacket doing most of the talking, it would be best to choose a simple colour, white is the obvious choice which gives the perfect sleek and striking effect!

House Of Cavani Shirts

 House Of Cavani Skinny Trousers Prom


When it comes to trousers for your school prom, choose a classic plain style such as dark blue or preferably black. To guarantee an effective silhouette, select slim fit or skinny trouser styles.


House Of Cavani Bow Tie Prom

Prom Bowties and Ties

To complete your prom look, you must not falter on the final details. One of the most important items for any successful prom outfit will be the tie.
If you have decided on the tuxedo style, then the satin style bowtie is the perfect complement. For a classic plain blazer, then you have free reign to add a pop of colour to your look with the traditional tie set.

House Of Cavani Prom Tie Sets

House Of Cavani Black Bow Tie Set

House Of Cavani Gold Tie Set

House Of Cavani Grey On Grey Self Stripe Tie Set

House Of Cavani Lime Green Self Stripe Tie Set

House Of Cavani Wine Self Stripe Tie Set

House Of Cavani Lilac Self Stripe Tie Set

House Of Cavani Ivory Bow Tie Set

House Of Cavani Shoes Prom


When it comes to shoes, there is a lot of choices available. Smart lace-up styles in either plain or brogue design. Alternatively, you could choose the stylish loafer, particularly if you have chosen the skinny style trousers!

House Of Cavani Shoes

Take some inspiration from the classic Disney movie, aptly titles "Prom"



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