• Velvet Blazers - Must Haves For Christmas Parties

    Posted by Adam James
    When it comes to the holidays, there’s no time of year like the present! There’s decorations, presents, party food, music, Christmas cheer and of course, the amazing parties to attend! Whether you have been invited to a work's office party or it’s a family gathering, you want to impress and look your best among all the other guests. And what’s the most festive and stylish fabric for December? Velvet!
  • House Of Cavani - New Addition - Rosa Blue Blazer

    Posted by Adam James

    House Of Cavani Rosa Blue Velvet Blazer Chest Detail

    House Of Cavani - New Addition - Rosa Blue Blazer

    Thanks to the popularity of the velvet blazers in our range, particularly the Kingsman inspired Rikado Orange Flame Jacket, we have decided to add another colour to our collection!

    Our latest addition is the Rosa Blue Velvet Blazer, sitting comfortably alongside the Black and Navy variants. Yet, this new piece boats a bold and vibrant blue colour! Surrounded by typically dark and plain suits, you will attract the attention and admiration from all around you, whilst wearing this colour popping jacket!

    The jacket is lovingly crafted from a velvet style material, soft to the touch. The lapels are formed from a sublime contrasting satin effect fabric and is available in a range of sizes, from a 36 all the way up to a 52. With talk of the new James Bond movie filling the news reports, choose the Rosa Blue Blazer for a 007-esque look!

    House Of Cavani Rosa Blue Velvet Blazer Details