• Fashion Bloggers Do Peaky Blinders In Cavani Menswear

    Posted by Adam James
    If there's one thing we love here at House of Cavani, it's Peaky Blinders! As you know, we have a section dedicated to the TV Show and their iconic outfits, and you can get that look using our pieces, as these fashion bloggers have pointed out! When there's a Peaky Blinders photoshoot to be done, think of us...
  • The Round Collar Shirt

    Posted by Adam James
    As you know, here at House of Cavani we love Peaky Blinders since we always have suits in that style, and some of our famous tweed designs are named after Shelby and Tommy which pays homage to the boys. One thing we have noticed and come to love though is the round collar shirt that they often wear, officially named the Club Collar shirt, and we think it’s fantastic! There’s quite a few in our shop to choose from as well...
  • Why You Need A Pinstripe Suit

    Posted by Adam James
    Here at House of Cavani, we live for printed suits, especially check and tweed as you know, but we also love pinstripe, and we think every man should own a pinstripe power suit in his wardrobe! We all know the 4 classic suit colours that every man needs as we wrote about that recently, and these are black, navy, dark grey, and a lighter shade of grey or taupe for summer, however...
  • History Of Tweed Suits

    Posted by Adam James
    Tweed is a fabric that we all know about, we all see it everywhere, and we all just take it for granted, but where did it come from? There’s numerous articles online about the history of tweed itself as a fabric, but not about the history of the tweed suit, so here at House of Cavani, we wanted to take you on a historical journey through the ages of the tweed suit, which coincidently is one of our best sellers. In order to do this though, we first need to look at where tweed itself came from.
  • House Of Cavani - New Release - Connall Blue Three Piece Suit

    Posted by Adam James
    House Of Cavani Tweed Connall Blue Three Piece Suit Wedding Mens

    House Of Cavani - Connall Blue Three Piece Suit

    We are proud to announce a new addition to the House Of Cavani Tweed Suits Collection, we have chosen a bold and vibrant blue fabric to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

    The Connall Blue Three Piece Suit builds on the success of its popular brother (Connall Brown Suit) by giving it a fresh new coat of paint. The Italian style slim fit design comes as a complete package, including matching blazer, waistcoat and trousers. The blue colouring is complemented with a subtle check pattern, bolstered with contrasting lapels on the jacket. When wearing this ensemble, you will truly feel like a high ranking member of the Peaky Blinders.

    If you need to make an entrance, look no further than this new item from our range, it will certainly be one of our top big hitters this season! Get yours today to avoid any disappointment!