• 3 Ways To Wear A Blazer For Men

    Posted by Adam James
    Men have been wearing blazers for centuries! We all know the heritage of them from our history of posts, but since fashion is so eclectic these days and anyone can wear what they want, we’re mixing high and low all of the time. Blazers aren’t just for those posh, suited up occasions and are now a part of the casual wear attire too! With that in mind, we’re sharing 3 ways to wear a blazer and they vary from a nice formal event to a casual day shopping, or on your way to the gym.
  • History Of Tweed Suits

    Posted by Adam James
    Tweed is a fabric that we all know about, we all see it everywhere, and we all just take it for granted, but where did it come from? There’s numerous articles online about the history of tweed itself as a fabric, but not about the history of the tweed suit, so here at House of Cavani, we wanted to take you on a historical journey through the ages of the tweed suit, which coincidently is one of our best sellers. In order to do this though, we first need to look at where tweed itself came from.