• House Of Cavani - James Tan Boots Review

    Posted by Adam James

    House Of Cavani James Tan Boots Review

    House Of Cavani - James Tan Boots Review

    For my latest review, I will be focusing on the Cavani James Desert Suede Boots. This style of footwear is a timeless addition to every mans wardrobe. Paired with jeans for those casual days or dressed up with one of your three piece wedding suits.

    The suede boots caught my eye initially with their show stopping light tan colour, perfectly in tune with their suede composition. This lighter shade of brown complements a large range of different outfit choices in a variety of colours. One of my top choices would be to pair them with a contrasting pair of blue denim jeans, allowing the shoes to really stand out. The boots themselves exude quality, lovingly crafted without any visible flaws, as to be expected from the House Of Cavani brand. Upon slipping them onto my feet I was instantly impressed with the fit and comfort level they provided. Your toes will most certainly be grateful for your choice of footwear, even long days and extended wear will not diminish the effect it has on your feet. When it comes to the design and shape of the boots, they boast a classic look which will always have a place in fashion, glancing at them in the mirror I could not resist falling for their undeniable charm!

    These boots were definitely keepers, I was already planning a multitude of different outfits to pair them with! As you may have guessed, I give these boots top marks! Excellent quality, comfortable to wear and look fantastic!

    The Cavani James boots are also available in two other colour ways - Navy and Black.

    House Of Cavani James Lace Up Suede Boots

  • Cavani Strauss Tan Monk Shoes Review

    Posted by Adam James


    Cavani Strauss Monk Tan Shoes Review

    The monk shoe is firmly situated in the marmite category, you either love them or hate them, the shape and design of these shoes is very unique and certainly not everyones cup of tea, however you do take a chance on them you will most certainly stand out from the crowd.

    In recent years the monk has been enjoying a resurge of popularity amongst fashionable men. Even many fashionistas at Pitti Uomo have been proudly wearing monk shoes, teaming them with their Italian style suits to give a superb visual look! This rekindled admiration is largely due to the redesign, banishing memories of the square box shapes which were so prevalent in the 90's in favour of a sleeker more pointed design. This leads ideally into our latest review - Cavani Strauss Tan Shoes.

    Removing the shoes from their box (which is a striking blue with silver foil detailing) it is instantly apparent that I am witness to a quality product. They feel sturdy and will definitely be more than capable of sustaining heavy duty wear and tear. The stitching is similar to that of a premium product with no visible loose or misshaped threads. The strap itself is also of an excellent quality, closing firmly against the shoe to ensure a secure fit. Trying the shoes on, I was greeted with a very comfortable shoe, snug so not to worry about the shoes becoming loose, but also without any adverse affects associated with being too tight. Colour wise, they are a stunning brown tan colour, edging towards the slightly lighter side of the spectrum. The toe cap area has a nice gradient effect, beginning at a dark brown and blending into the tan colour. This particular shade is one of favourites for shoes, I find it pairs easily with a vast selection clothing choices. Additionally this style also comes in an alternative colour - Cavani Strauss Black Shoes.

    I have to make a special mention that each shoe comes equipped with its own dust bag! Perfect for storing, each shoe will be protected from any damage, either from movement whilst residing in the box or scrapes from the opposite shoe.

    In conclusion I rate these shoes very highly! If you are already a fan of the monk shoe style you will be very pleased with this purchase. If this style has always proved daunting to you in the past, the Cavani Strauss Tan Shoes are ideal for first timers! You won't be disappointed! Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


  • Cavani Draco Navy Three Piece Suit Review

    Posted by Adam James

    Cavani Draco Navy 3 Piece Suit Review

    Now our blog is up and running, we will be running regular articles in which we review one of our products. We will take an in depth look into one of our many available products, discussing the fit, comfortability, colour and design. Focusing on these key factors will help us provide an all round view and summary of each piece. First up is the Cavani Draco Navy Three Piece Suit which has the honour of opening our blog reviews!

    With fashion, first impressions are everything, fortunately this suit instantly demanded my attention with its rather unique visual design. The typical navy suit has been snatched from everyday normality and given a glamorous boost! Just by adding a subtle check print across the whole length of the material has given an otherwise unassuming three piece suit a touch of magic! This model is just as suited (pun intended!) for an upcoming wedding, an evening at your favourite restaurant or even to liven up your drab office attire.

    The texture of the suit is comprised of a nice soft texture, no worries that it will cause any inconvenient itching when worn. It is constructed from a heavier material compared to similar pieces, but this just adds to the feeling of quality. The suit is comprised of 2 buttons on the front, left and right pockets and of course a chest pocket (if you wish to add one of our colour squares). Internally there are 2 pockets to provide you with locations to store your requisite items. Special mention must go to the jacket lining which features a colourful selection of worldwide stamps as well as a larger section displaying a beautiful sea view. The buttons have an almost ombré effect blending blue and black together, each proudly displaying the Cavani name which is stamped onto the front. In addition there is an attached pin bearing the Cavani logo situated on the right lapel.

    Finally we come down to fit. This can make or break any clothing item, but a suit can be one of the most critical to get absolutely correct. Even just a fraction out can mean the difference between a perfect made to measure fit or a sloppy sack you just threw on! Fortunately, the Cavani Draco Suit doesn't let us down in this department thanks to its slim fitted design. The waistcoat was snug without constricting with the option to pull it tighter from the back if necessary. The jacket slipped on without a hitch, sitting in perfect alignment with the shoulders and felt instantly comfortable. Sleeve length on jackets can be the final deciding factor (on many occasions I have reluctantly returned outerwear pieces from all sorts of different brands, usually because of over long sleeves). Once again, Cavani pulls through and provides a winning formula, the tip of the sleeve sits optimally at the start of my wrist. For the trousers, they are a standard style with an ideal fit around the seat area. When it comes to leg length, the Draco model comes in a standard size of a 32 inch inseam, but these can easily be hemmed to make them longer (additionally, there is extra material hidden inside to allow them to be increased if necessary).

    In summary, I am very impressed with the Cavani Draco Navy Three Piece Suit which took inspiration from many Italian styled suits. Suitable for many occasions and events, very comfortable and made of an incredibly high standard! Please let me know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned for future reviews and features on the Cavani blog.