• How To Measure For A Suit

    Posted by Adam James

    How To Measure For A Suit

    One of the main concerns that plague men who are in the market for a new suit is how to measure themselves correctly. It is imperative to get an accurate reading to ensure you choose the correct size for their body shape. Many size guides make it overcomplicated by including a vast list of different measuring positions that are largely unnecessary, whereas in fact you only need a select few for an off the peg suit. These additional measurements just serve to confuse the prospective buyer, so have decided to provide a simplified size guide, cutting through the flak and help you choose the perfect size for your Italian style suit (remember to grab a friend to help you with the measurements!).

    Chest Measurement

    First up we have the chest measurement. Arguably one of the most important. At face value it appears to be a simple and straightforward undertaking, this is true as long as the correct method is used. Raise both arms from the side so both are in a parallel position from each other (this is done as it is much easier to move the tape into the correct position as well as ensuring you get the perfect relaxed chest measurement) and wrap the tape measure around the area of the chest which is the fullest. Lower your arms back down to their side, at this point relax the tape measure slightly and make a note of the size.

    Sleeve Length Measurement

    Next up we have the sleeve length, highly important to measure correctly as a jacket or blazer with sleeves which are too long end up looking poor no matter how well the rest of the suit fits, so this is a particularly critical measurement to take! Make sure you are standing straight with your arms firmly by your side. Position the start of the tape at where the shoulder joins the arm, carefully drape the tape down your arm and stop where your wrist begins, jot down the measurement.

    Waist Measurement

    The waist is the most common form of self measuring but also is most likely to be plagued with incorrect measuring techniques. Start the tape above both hip bones and measure all around your waist, making sure the tape is kept straight and square all the way around.

    Hips Measurement

    When it comes to measuring for trousers it is of additional help to measure around your hips. Take the tape measure and wrap it around the widest area of your hip bones. As a general rule, trousers traditionally sit along the hips, so this can be a useful measurement.

     Inseam Measurement

    The inseam is probably one of the most important to ensure the fit of your suit looks perfect. Position the tape measure along your inside leg, starting from where your leg meets your groin and measure all down your leg to the middle of your foot.

     With this new guide on how to measure for a suit you have enough tools to ensure you get a perfect fit! Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions!