Suit Trends & Style Lessons For 2019

Suit Trends & Style Lessons For 2019

2018 taught us a lot about men's suits. They really came into their own and styling them was more fun than ever, creating endless looks that you can't go wrong with. Since the tailoring world really got everyone's attention last year, 2019 is hot on it and there's about to be an influx in men's suits across the country. The catwalks have been filled with tailoring and designers are really honing in on creating trends out of tailored suit pieces, so we wanted to share with you what's going on for 2019 and what the suit trends are and how you should be styling them! Below you will find 9 of the hottest trends, as well as some classics, so check them out! 


Blazers With Jeans

This is still a very big trend as men move into needing smarter looks, it's quite the opposite of the standard tracksuit. Obviously this is fairly simple and styling a blazer with a pair of jeans isn't rocket science (check out our 3 ways to style a blazer post) but one thing is for certain, it's going to be a popular look this year. The key to getting it right is with slim fit blazers (go as wild as you like in terms of colour or print) and keep the jeans slim/skinny in a dark indigo or black. This will really let the blazer be the focal point and will create a stylish, summer look you can't go wrong with, especially since it's structured and smart, yet bright! You will turn heads. 


Suits With Bare Chests

You did hear us correctly, bare chests... Now this might seem like an overly scary and daunting prospect, or like the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard, going against everything you were ever taught, but it's true. Designers have been sending their models down the catwalk with their suits and no shirts underneath. You can see the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna featuring a baby blue suit with a bare chest, and a stone coloured suit by Hermes, again with no shirt. This is definitely a Spring Summer trend though and I can understand why the designers are making it popular. With the weather warming up as much as it has been in Summer the past couple of years here in the UK, wearing a suit in 30C+ heat is rather uncomfortable, so if it's socially acceptable to go sans a shirt, I'm sure men might opt for it if they're confident enough. What's your take on it? GQ recommends getting a deodorant that doesn't leave any stains or marks though as you have no shirt to protect your armpits. It's up to you whether you choose to button up your blazer or leave it open though! 


Elegant And Fitted Tailoring

Of course this one is no surprise to us either! 2018 saw suits get even more fitted and skinny, sometimes ultra skinny from the likes of Topman, so you have to make sure that your suit leaves no gaps. A perfect suit is one that's fitted all over, not too long or short, not over extended in the shoulders, so if off the rack just doesn't cut it for you (it doesn't for most men) then get it tailored! 2019 is going to see this trend carry on, so you wont be out of place with a slim suit. How the suit fits above is just right, so if you can obtain a fit like that, you're on your way! 


Sage and Green

This one I didn't expect, but it’s a hot new colour on the scene for 2019, so you want to look out for suits in green shades, especially sage, as it’s very on trend and is a colour that could really work for mens tweed suits. For those of you who aren't really a fan of colour, it's not something you need to opt into at all, so don't feel pressured, but if you like keeping up with the fashion trends, this is one for you! It might be different and liven up the office a little. If you like the shade but don't fancy going for a whole suit in sage, why not opt for a sage tie or pocket square instead? Or even a shirt, that might match your light coloured suit perfectly! There's many ways in which you can wear the trending shade. 


Double Breasted Jackets

If you want something different to the single button suits you often wear, double-breasted is the shape of the season for 2019. The thing is, the double breasted look that's trending right now goes against what we stand for. The designers are saying the bigger the better, so the models are taking to the catwalk in oversized double breasted suits, reminiscent of the 80's. Think baggy, lots of room to hide your lunch etc., and they're wearing them open as well. Now we're not sure this is a trend for us, or one we would like to condone here at House of Cavani, so we will just leave it there. It's definitely not one to stick around, that's for sure. How do you prefer to wear your double breasted blazers


Man Hand Bags

This might not be a tailoring trend as such, but as the man bag or murse trends kicked off even more in 2018, designers are taking to the handbag for men for 2019. Kim Jones from Dior brought forward the original Saddle bag, that's really popular for the women, and has reconstructed it for men in a series of shoulder bags and cross-body bags. Other designers have even showcased tassel bags that you hold in your hand as well. We're not saying you have to go all out and get a fancy bag, but this is great news for you suit wearers that travel to work everyday, you don't have to always carry a backpack or briefcase, you can be a little bit more liberal and fancy with your options now! 


Unique Shirts

We just did a blog post on subtle printed shirts for Spring 2019, but the trend is going one bolder this year. We're talking about wonderful and weird style shirts, like Alexander McQueen where the sleeves were long, but the cuffs were left hanging under the arms of the suit, or there are the Lanvin funnel neck tunic shirts to contend with, or the Ami cowboy check shirts that were heavily oversized etc. We're not just talking about bold prints anymore, but complete redesigns of shirts as we know them. The basic classic shirt is being revamped to have more structure and asymmetrical vibes, but we think this will only be a short lived trend as it's not practical, neither is it neat and classy, or very suitable for a fitted suit. 


Wrap Waist Tailoring


Now this is something we weren't sure on either. It works perfectly well for the ladies as wrap/tie waists really accentuate the waist area of the female form, but designers have caught onto this and are doing it for men too. Some of the coolest suits we saw on the catwalk had a wrap around, kimono type of vibe, which is pretty cool as it lends to a more casual feel, but other designers like Dolce & Gabbana were showing off their tailored suits with fastened belts instead of buttons, creating a completely different look. I think we like this one, and we're intrigued to see how it's going to go over the coming months. 


Pattern Clashing

Finally, we have the trend of clashing patterns. Usually this might go against what you have always been told when it comes to tailoring, but much like you choose a different pocket square to your tie for your suit, the trend is to go as bold with the clashing as possible. The point of this for Spring/Summer 2019 is to induce some vibrancy and colour to your looks. Versace were the designers to showcase first, followed on by Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino. We're looking at newspaper prints with baroque patterns on it, clashing iconographic images for a nostalgic 80's feel, and big, contrasting, neon camouflage as well. This might not be relevant to your three piece suit of course, but you can definitely incorporate the clash into it. Try wearing a bold pinstripe or checked suit (we have some great options) and then styling it with a contrasting printed shirt underneath, and then a clashing tie. If you want to get on board with this trend, it's fairly easy. 


So there we have the 9 suit trends for 2019! Many have carried on from 2018 like we said, but there's a lot of new styles here that are either interesting, crazy, or quite cool. You can take them with a pinch of salt, or you can embrace them, it's up to you. One thing we do know though is that you can never beat a classic, slim fitting suit in a flattering colour, accompanied by a nice tie and pocket square. Sometimes keeping it classic is keeping it real. Let us know your opinions! 

- Image & Notes Credit: GQ Magazine

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