Subtle Printed Shirts For Men For Spring


6 Subtle Printed Shirts For Spring 2019

One thing we love when it comes to Spring is the fact that we can invest in our printed shirts wardrobe! It's the ideal time for wearing subtle, yet jazzy prints which can really brighten up our suits, when we can't wear anything too bright in the office. If you're like us then you'll agree that printed shirts can really change your wardrobe and fashion game, so we have rounded up 6 of our favourite ones here at House of Cavani that we think you will love! Don't worry, they are subtle so can be worn under a plain suit if you want to, or on their own. The choice is yours! We haven't gone too outlandish as we like to keep things classic. 


First up is a fancy blue and white, abstract check print that is cool enough to go under a navy suit to give it a pop, or smart enough to be worn on its own for a formal occasion/evening out with the guys. There's something about this one that would look equally as good dressed up or with a pair of slim fit jeans and boots. It's extremely versatile and the colour combination is universally flattering, so this is our number one on the list! 

Perhaps you want something a little more bold, but still subtle? We have a brown and blue checked shirt here and the muted tones are ideal for pairing with a taupe blazer. This one can take you through quite a few seasons, so we recommend it this time of year. It's more on the formal side too since it has a neat, repetitive structure to the check. We can see this working with some brown or khaki colour trousers too, it's all about matching those undertones. 

If you're a guy who prefers things even more subtle, then we recommend this light blue dogtooth check pattern. This would work well with a navy suit, in place of a white shirt, just to tone it down from being too formal and give you more of a fun factor. The good thing about this type of shirt as well is that it looks equally as good with some khaki chinos or trousers, as much as it does with some chino shorts. It's fairly versatile and light blue is a flattering shade to most guys as it's inoffensive and calming. 

Perhaps you're not a fan of colour, well that's ok, we have you covered too! A simple checked shirt can be worn in grey monochrome as well. This one features 4-5 shades of grey from light to dark and they all complement each other perfectly. This is the type of shirt that will work well with a black or charcoal suit,  minus the tie, but can be styled with some smart black trousers on its own as well. It's printed enough to be on trend, but subtle to blend in. Plus, grey suits everyone, right? 

Shirt No. 63 in Sky Blue


If you liked the light blue dog tooth shirt above, you will like this one! It's our light, pastel blue check. It's paler than the other one, but the print is bigger and not as intricate, so it might be better suited to you if you prefer things simpler. It features 3 different shades of blue, as you can see, and is a great way to get on board the printed shirts trend for Spring 2019 without being too bold. Again, this will work with a navy suit, or alone, depending what look you're going for. 

Shirt No. 650 in Navy & White

Lastly, for the gentleman that likes to be a bit more bold and wants to show off his printed shirt, we have this one for you. It features a floral, paisley design in a navy and white colour combination that is both fashionable, fun, and confident. Tipped with navy on the cuffs and the collar, this is a standout shirt that is bold and deserves to be seen, so don't wear this one with your suit unless you plan on taking your jacket off regularly. However, if you do want to suit it up, keep the suit plain in a dark navy, and go without a tie, just to let the shirt do the talking as its more than enough on its own. I'm sure you can make this one look great! 

- So these are our top 6 printed shirts for Spring 2019 for you to look through. Whether you want something more subtle, or you want a bolder print, we have you covered. We've stayed away from the big, garish, colours of the Hawaiian shirts, so don't worry, we wont go that far as that's not our style here. What printed shirts are you loving this season? 

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