Should Your Pocket Square Match Your Tie?

How To Wear A Tie And Pocket Square 

One of the questions we get asked often here at House of Cavani is ‘should my pocket square match my tie?’ and we have always been under the impression that you can choose to wear it however you want, often selling our pocket squares and ties in sets as with our large selection of wedding suits, men prefer to match their ties and pocket squares to the colour scheme chosen for the big day in a simple fashion.

However, as the times and trends change, a lot of men prefer to wear their normal suits with varying pocket square options that complement their ties instead of matching them exactly. If you’re not attending a wedding and you’re not the groom, a general smart look of a suit in modern dress (or even just a blazer for a formal occasion), warrants a more fashionable approach, so the answer we’re going with to that question is ‘no, the pocket square should not match the tie!’.

Now since you have probably searched this question and are looking for advice on what to do, we have you covered, don’t worry! We’re going to show you numerous different ways in which you can create a smart, on trend look with your suit and how to get that all important tie and pocket square combination just right, so you can stand out for all the right reasons. So, here are some tips and tricks to getting it right!


The Contrasting Colours


One of the most common ways to match a pocket square and tie is to use the colour wheel and go for the opposite ends of the spectrum. If you took art you will know what we’re on about. The colour wheel provides the primary shades of red, yellow, and blue and it shares the opposite colours to them. Opposite to red is green, opposite to yellow is purple, and opposite to blue is orange. By these standards, a lot of men like to make a bold statement and go for the contrasting options. If you’re wearing a blue tie, why not try an orange pocket square? Or if you’re wearing purple, contrast it with yellow. We wouldn’t recommend red and green together though unless it’s the month of December, for obvious reasons as it’s a bit too festive for normal day wear.


Complementing Shades


If a statement like that is just too much for you, you might prefer this option. Perhaps you’re the guy who prefers a neutral tie, something subtle, well that’s easy too! If you’re wearing a tie with cool tones of blues, purples or greens, which also complement your blue or grey suit, you can easily pair a pocket square of similar shades and it looks very pleasing on the eye. Try going for various shades of blue if you have a navy suit, pale blue tie, and a medium blue pocket square, or you can go the other way of the warm tones. If you prefer a brown suit and want a burgundy tie, try a rust or deep orange shade for a pocket square. If you have a bronze shade for a tie, try a mustard pocket square. The general rule here is that the warm tones blend well together, as do the cool tones, so stick to a few varying shades of each and it will be a subtle way of saying you’re cool and know how to dress.


Primary Colours


Much like we mentioned above in the colour wheel, the primary colours are red, yellow, and blue. A lot of guys like to make a big, bold entrance with this and choose a navy suit, a burgundy tie, and a yellow gold pocket square. This combines the three colours together, and it looks incredibly cool. It mixes the warm and cool tones together, but it’s also really pleasing on the eye. 


The Printed Pocket Square


Now we have the colours out of the way, we need to talk prints! One of the best options to go for is a paisley, floral, or jacquard print on a pocket square as this is elegant and fancy. Once you have matched your tie to your suit (we covered that before in our what ties to wear with a navy suit post), you want to pick out a complementing shade in the tie, and match it to a shade in the pocket square. As an example, if you have a light pink tie, pick a varying paisley print pocket square with shades of pink, purple etc. in it, and look for a pale pink area that matches the tie. The same if you’re wearing an aqua tie, choose a pocket square that’s printed and contains aqua, among other colours, as this is extremely stylish and along the complementing lines, but made bold and fun with the print.


Double The Print


Perhaps you want to be a bit more daring than these options, so why not go for a printed tie and a printed pocket square? If that sounds like it’s up your street, read on for the rules! If you have a polka dot tie, make sure you choose a polka dot print that’s much smaller for the pocket square. The different sizes in prints really ties it together and shows that’s you’ve made real effort, without matching them identically. The same goes for florals, perhaps you might like a paisley tie, but then opt for a ditsy floral print for the pocket square. Try not to be too wild though and go for two completely different prints that don’t complement each other, you want to keep it classy, not garish.


Different Fabrics


Pocket squares come in all sorts of different fabrics, so why not mix your mediums? Silk is a very popular choice for them, so why not wear a silk pocket square with a different tie, or the other way around, a linen pocket square with a silk tie is a good look for summer!


The Pattern Of Your Suit


Now this is a section on its own as it’s not directly related to the combination of the tie and pocket square, but more about the colours and how you should navigate the prints. We sell a lot of suits, especially the tweed ones, with check and stripes on them, so you want to be sure you’re not overloading the prints anywhere. You need plain items in your ensemble to make it work. If your suit is plain, opt for a plain shirt as well so you can really go big with the prints in your tie and pocket square, however if you’re rocking a checked pattern or a nice fancy pinstripe, perhaps going for a more subtle design on your accessories is a better option so it’s not too much. You need to create balance between your pieces.


Now you have the rules, put them into practice! There’s a few tips and pointers outlined below for you, but one thing you need to remember is the occasion that you’re wearing the suit for. If you’re going to a funeral, perhaps lay off the big bold prints and bright colours, if you’re headed to a wedding, make sure you’re keeping it classy, if you’re out for the day with the boys at the races or something similar, go as wild as you like, or if you’re at work, why not make yourself heard with some bright colours? It’s up to you, as long as the occasion permits it.


Our Tips To Remember

  • Don’t overload the patterns and prints, keep the balance between plain and printed with your suit design.
  • Wear contrasting colours to make a bold entrance.
  • Try complementing shades so your tie and pocket square work in harmony together.
  • Mixing a navy suit with a burgundy tie and gold pocket square is a great primary colour trend.
  • When choosing a printed pocket square, match one of the colours within it to your tie or shirt.
  • Keep your combination suitable for the occasion you’re attending.
  • Don’t directly match your pocket square to your tie if you’re looking for an on trend, fashionable look.

So these are our tips on how to wear your pocket square and tie combination, answering the question of ‘should my pocket square match my tie?’ for you in detail. Of course though, if you’re just looking for a simple suit and don’t want any fashion forward options, you can wear a matching set with no problems, that’s everyone’s own individual choice on the matter, but if you’re wanting to know how to make it work for 2019, all the tips above should help you out without any problems. We sell our ties and pocket squares as sets for ease, with a highly affordable price, so why not buy a few options and mix and match? Some of our recommendations are:

This Aqua tie (click here) with this Paisley pocket square (click here)

This Baby Blue tie (click here) with this Yellow/Blue Checked pocket square (click here)

This Pink Floral tie (click here) with this Pink pocket square (click here)

This Burgundy tie (click here) with this Yellow pocket square (click here)

All that’s left now is to decide which way you want to fold your pocket square!

Image Credit: Pinterest, TheePochMan, Rampley & Co & The Dark Knot.

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