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Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits

Peaky Blinders Style Tweed Suits

Ever since the TV show, Peaky Blinders burst onto our screens it has gained a huge following, with its fan base increasing in size with each passing year. The appeal of Thomas Shelby and his gang has even crossed the ocean and captivated many US viewers too!

The escapades of the Shelby family catalogues their continued rise of power throughout Birmingham, England during the early 1920's. The majority of the population is still reeling from the Great War and the problems caused after it ended, including poverty, illness and a shortage of employment. Thomas Shelby took it upon himself to create his own gap in the market by becoming the leader of a ruthless criminal gang. The Peaky Blinders will use any means possible to increase their underworld empire, usually through fear and violence. The experience they gained in the military makes for a deadly and powerful combination in their chosen business venture. The show is based on the true exploits and history of the Peaky Blinders gang, whose name stemmed from their signature flat caps which included a hidden blade in the rim of the cap, used to attack and maim their enemies in battle.

Peaky Blinders Tweed House Of Cavani

Why Did The Peaky Blinders Wear Tweed?

Since the inception of the Peaky Blinders and the increase of dapper styles amongst followers of fashion, tweed has once again become very popular. But why did people from the 1920’s prefer tweed? It is long believed that tweed originated to help protect Scottish farmers from the harsh cold weather conditions. Originally a hand weaved fabric and believed by many to be a true working man's cloth. Tweed is renowned as a strong, hard wear fabric which ensures the wearer is kept warm and dry. The Peaky Blinders and the surrounding population all needed this extra protection from the elements, long before we had the luxuries of modern day central heating.

How To Dress Like Thomas Shelby

With the massive following of the show, it is only natural that many fans want to dress like their favourite character - Thomas Shelby. The combination of his cool demeanour, backed up with his effortless style is hard to not admire. In order to fully emulate the Thomas Shelby look, you will need -

  • Tweed Suit
  • Flat Cap
  • Round Collar Shirt
  • Tweed Tie Set
  • Overcoat
  • Brogue Boots

Shelby would regularly be seen wearing his trademark tailored tweed suit, combined with his iconic flat cap (which doubled as a weapon). Paired with a crisp round collar white shirt and tweed tie set. Footwear choices were either a functional pair of brogue boots or smarter brogue classic shoes. He finished off his ensemble with a heavy-duty overcoat.

Partly because of the current trend of classic gent and dapper styles, along with the popularity of the show, there has been an increased demand for classic English style three-piece suits and flat caps. Yet, trying to acquire a Peaky Blinders style suit can be something of a difficult task, particularly if you jump into the hunt without any prior knowledge! So we at House Of Cavani have decided to make a guide, helping you to achieve that Thomas Shelby style.

Peaky Blinders Tweed Suit Albert Grey House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits

The first item you will need to find will be the classic Tweed Suit. Fans of the show will agree that this suit style is the perfect look if you want to mimic your chosen character. There are many styles and colours of tweed available, but the top choices would be the timeless dark grey, charcoal, navy or brown colours. The muted tones were a firm favourite from that era, opting for subtlety instead of loud and brash colours. Yet, not all tweed suits are simple plain affairs, you can always take a look at some of the checkered pattern styles too! Check out our recommendations for tweed suits below.

Peaky Blinders Tweed Suits Style House Of Cavani

House Of Cavani Albert Grey Three Piece Suit

House Of Cavani Albert Brown Three Piece Suit

House Of Cavani Connall Three Piece Suit

House Of Cavani Martez Navy Three Piece Suit

House Of Cavani Martez Brown Three Piece Suit

Peaky Blinders Flat Cap House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Flat Caps

You cannot effectively recreate the Peaky Blinders style without the synonymous flat cap which all members of the gang are required to wear. Another item of clothing which was thought long banished to history, yet thanks to the dapper trend movement along with Peaky Blinders TV show has jumped out of the shadows to become a popular accessory in men's fashion. There are many styles available, but to achieve the Shelby look then a tweed flat cap is a must!

Peaky Blinders Tweed Waistcoats Connall House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Waistcoats

To complete the suit look, you must not forget the tweed waistcoat. Completing the all over tweed ensemble to create a cohesive whole. Many men of that era would attach a pocket watch to the waistcoat to enable easy access to their timepiece. It’s always important to be punctual if you have an appointment with Thomas Shelby! Take a look at our top choices for a Peaky Blinders style waistcoat below.

Peaky Blinders Tweed Waistcoats House Of Cavani

House Of Cavani Connall Brown Waistcoat

House Of Cavani Massino Waistcoat

House Of Cavani Sergio Waistcoat

House Of Cavani Andeas Blue Waistcoat

Peaky Blinders Shirts House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Shirts

When it comes to shirts, one of the most popular designs of the time was the round collar or tunic style shirt. Yet, it is not unknown for the gang to choose a traditional shirt design. Little history fact, back in the 1920’s, collars for shirts were actually a separate clipped on item. Fortunately, fashion has moved on since then and we can safely purchase a shirt with collar included. We have chosen a few of our top options for Peaky Blinders style shirts.

House Of Cavani Oxford 65 White Stretch Shirt

House Of Cavani Oxford 65 Light Blue Stretch Shirt

House Of Cavani Oxford 65 Mid Blue Stretch Shirt

House Of Cavani Oxford 65 Black Stretch Shirt

Peaky Blinders Tweed Ties House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Ties

The Peaky Blinders are always sticklers for detail in their fashion, depending on the occasion they would choose a classic tweed style or cotton tie to complete their unforgettable outfit style! Sometimes, they would go sans-tie entirely! If you choose to go down the tie route, remember to include the tie pin to dazzle the opposition! Take a look below at our favourite Peaky Blinders style tie sets.

Peaky Blinders Overcoats House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Overcoats

Thanks to the prominent cold weather in England, particularly in the 1920's, it was customary to be seen wearing a large warm overcoat. Even the tough Shelby gang would be seen wearing this practical yet also very stylish item of clothing. Choose a long and dark style to achieve the look you require. We have shortlisted our top four Peak Blinders style overcoats for you to choose from.

Peaky Blinders Overcoats House Of Cavani

House Of Cavani Lauren Overcoat

House Of Cavani Fabrini Overcoat

House Of Cavani Kingston Tan Overcoat

House Of Cavani Roman Black Overcoat

Peaky Blinders Brogue Boots Shoes Fox House Of Cavani

Peaky Blinders Shoes

To finish of your Peaky Blinders inspired outfit then you cannot forget the footwear! Shoes or boots with a brogue style design are the perfect accompaniment, easily matching those worn by the members of the gang in the show. For the majority of the series, the Shelby's would choose to wear hard wearing lace up brogue boots to help combat the rugged pathways of olden day Birmingham. Yet, when the time is needed to make an impression, they can be seen swapping the boots out for a more classic brogue style shoe. With so many shoe options available, we did the hard work for you and picked out the best Peaky Blinders inspired footwear.

Peaky Blinders Brogue Shoes House Of Cavani

House Of Cavani Horatio Tan Brogue Shoes

House Of Cavani Oxford Wine Shoes

House Of Cavani Sava Brown Boots

House Of Cavani Hound Black Boots

For the small minority of the population who have yet to be introduced into the world of the Peaky Blinders, I recommend you start as soon as possible! Allow me to include the trailer for the very season to point you in the right direction!



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