Our Brand New Cavani Women's Blazers

As you know, we have long been known for our men's suits, only producing clothing and accessories for the guys, but that has changed as of this month as we have listened to what you all want! We got a lot of requests for women's blazers to be made in the same type of designs as our most popular men's versions, so here we are! House of Cavani is pleased to announce the launch of 7 brand new women's blazers and we think you will love them as much as we do! Lets take a look at the different options that we have below. 

First up is the Caridi Beige Women's Check Blazer and it's our personal favourite, a long with a few other bloggers favourite's too! As you may remember from previous posts and on our Instagram, The Caridi is one of our best selling men's suits and is absolutely perfect for the summer due to the lighter colour palette, so it was always going to be included in our women's line! It comes with a single button closure and the most gorgeous butterfly lining inside, so it's perfect for dressing up or down! Click here to buy this blazer

Next up is our best selling House of Cavani Albert Grey Women's Tweed Blazer! Now most of you will know that the Albert Grey and Albert Brown have been our top selling suit models for years now, so it wouldn't be right to create a women's collection of blazers without including these two, would it? The Albert Grey features a two button closure and a blue, floral butterfly lining inside to contrast against the formal look that it has. This piece is perfect for those country weekends away, or dressing up for an office job that requires a smarter attire. Click here to buy this blazer

As we mentioned the Albert Brown above, that's what we're including next! It's just like the Albert Grey, but it's in our famous Tweed Brown instead! Again with a two button closure and a warmer, woodland butterfly scene for a lining, you can't go wrong with this blazer. Unlike the Albert Grey above, we think the Brown is much more versatile and can be worn casually as well as formally, but it definitely has that country vibe to it that many of our customers like! Buy this blazer by clicking here. 

One of our other favourites is this beautiful blazer here, it's the Cavani Carly Wine Tweed Blazer that you can see above. Burgundy tones are always extremely flattering on any skin tone and hair colour, especially if you're fair or brunette, so we can't get enough of this jacket. Again it has a 2 button closure, and the lining on this one is a darker woodland print, so it's extremely feminine and cute. We can just imagine how good this jacket would look teamed with some black skinny jeans and heels, or if you want to layer it over a knitted style dress, that could work just as well! If you want this jacket, buy it here. 

Next up is the Carnegi Women's Tweed Blazer in a gorgeous bright blue shade that you can see above. Now this beautiful jacket is eye catching and fun, but it's also playing its role in the formal department. With a 2 button closure and a bright blue butterfly lining, this is a jacket that will make a statement every single time you wear it. Dressed up or down, the Carnegi is ideal for the summer, despite being tweed. Buy this blazer here.  

Just like the Albert cut that we mentioned, another top seller of ours here at House of Cavani is the Martez, so we of course brought this one to the table too! The women's Martez comes in two shades and first up is the Navy, above. Another two button tweed blazer, but this one perfect for the cooler temperatures and smarter, more formal occasions. The dark navy shade is ideal for office or work environments and will also look good dressed with black. It's a blazer you should look into if you need something smart and classy! Again, with a complementing blue butterfly lining, you can't go wrong! If Martez is for you, buy it here. 

Then finally, the last option is the Martez in Brown! Just like the Navy above, it comes with a two button closure, but this version, since it has a warmer colour palette, features the brown butterfly print inside. We think this blazer will be perfect for the weekends on those country getaways, as much as it would be for wearing to work or a meeting. The best thing about the brown though is that it shows so much versatility because it will work dressed up or dressed down, you can't really go wrong! Click here to buy this jacket

The best thing about our women's blazers here is the price! We've marked them at £69.99 so they're extremely affordable for tweed! You can check out our collection of 7 Cavani women's blazers online in our store, and make your choice! If I could recommend one to you, it would be the first option, the Caridi Beige as it has a great look to it, a wonderful fabric, and is ideal for the summer right now. Are you excited to see our women's collection? Let us know! 

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