Digby Edgley For House Of Cavani


Digby Edgley For House Of Cavani

We are pleased to announce the new face of our brand - Digby Edgley. Some of you may recognise him as one of the cast members of E4’s Made in Chelsea, and we think he has that ideal dapper style and look to suit Cavani (pun intended!), representing the brand perfectly. For those of you who haven’t yet met Digby, or are not too familiar with the TV star, lets find out some more about him.

Digby Edgley is 24, from the Glastonbury/Bath area and started out his TV career on Made in Chelsea in 2017 as a model (his day job). He quickly got involved in a relationship with Olivia Bentley, a long time cast member, but after a year or so together, they sadly broke up. What did he do before this new career though? 

Before he appeared on Made in Chelsea, Digby was actually a semi-professional golfer, spending around 6 months a year out in South Africa, but just before he was going to turn pro, he gave that up, not feeling the enjoyment behind it anymore and falling out of love with the game. He then decided it was time to start taking care of his health and started making changes to his fitness. He enjoyed that side of things a lot and became a personal trainer for a while as a new career venture. He was then scouted by a modelling agency who asked him if he wanted to sign up as they liked his look. He then had a role in Made in Chelsea during the filming of a photoshoot, where he modelled, and things took off from there. Digby has since worked as a model at events for Glastonbury all the way through to the Monaco Grand Prix, and now with us here at House of Cavani.

When we met Digby, we knew instantly that he was the perfect fit for our brand. His charisma and relaxed vibe suits our ethic, plus he’s no stranger himself to dressing smart for days out. During the shoot and getting to know him, it was clear we had made the right decision. Starting out with our classic men's tweed suit styles collection, we took to shooting the photos at a gorgeous manor house in Bath, in the baking sun, but like the true gent that he is, he put up with wearing tweed in the 30C+ heat, wearing the suits with a perfect fit. Digby is a fan of our tweed suit collection, loving our famous Martez the most, which you will be seeing him in again soon! Going from classic tweed right into the wedding collection, Digby made the style changes look effortless and cool, proving how easy our suits are to wear and flick between, depending on what type of event you have to go to. We think he looks extremely dapper, so lets take a look at the photos and the suits he’s wearing.

Cavani Martez Suit in Navy

Cavani Blue Jay Suit

Cavani Albert Brown Suit

Cavani Ford Suit in Blue

Cavani Albert Grey Suit

Cavani Tommy Suit in Brown

Cavani Martez Suit in Brown

Cavani Henry Suit in Grey 

And there we have some of the suits that Digby Edgley wore from House of Cavani. If you love them too and want to get his look, each suit is shoppable by clicking the link below each photo. We think he looks fantastic and we can't wait to share more photos with you in the future. If you're interested in the ties, pocket squares, and shoes, they are all our own brand too and can be shopped on our website. 

In the meantime, as Autumn and Winter approaches, if you're in need of any recommendations for a new suit, we definitely suggest one from our classic tweed suit collection as they're ideal for the colder weather, not to mention they are one of our most popular sellers, thanks to the Peaky Blinders crew! You might also like our recent blog post on the history of tweed suits too, which might inspire you as to why every man should have one in his collection! Are you a fan of Digby and Made in Chelsea? 

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