Cavani Strauss Tan Monk Shoes Review


Cavani Strauss Monk Tan Shoes Review

The monk shoe is firmly situated in the marmite category, you either love them or hate them, the shape and design of these shoes is very unique and certainly not everyones cup of tea, however you do take a chance on them you will most certainly stand out from the crowd.

In recent years the monk has been enjoying a resurge of popularity amongst fashionable men. Even many fashionistas at Pitti Uomo have been proudly wearing monk shoes, teaming them with their Italian style suits to give a superb visual look! This rekindled admiration is largely due to the redesign, banishing memories of the square box shapes which were so prevalent in the 90's in favour of a sleeker more pointed design. This leads ideally into our latest review - Cavani Strauss Tan Shoes.

Removing the shoes from their box (which is a striking blue with silver foil detailing) it is instantly apparent that I am witness to a quality product. They feel sturdy and will definitely be more than capable of sustaining heavy duty wear and tear. The stitching is similar to that of a premium product with no visible loose or misshaped threads. The strap itself is also of an excellent quality, closing firmly against the shoe to ensure a secure fit. Trying the shoes on, I was greeted with a very comfortable shoe, snug so not to worry about the shoes becoming loose, but also without any adverse affects associated with being too tight. Colour wise, they are a stunning brown tan colour, edging towards the slightly lighter side of the spectrum. The toe cap area has a nice gradient effect, beginning at a dark brown and blending into the tan colour. This particular shade is one of favourites for shoes, I find it pairs easily with a vast selection clothing choices. Additionally this style also comes in an alternative colour - Cavani Strauss Black Shoes.

I have to make a special mention that each shoe comes equipped with its own dust bag! Perfect for storing, each shoe will be protected from any damage, either from movement whilst residing in the box or scrapes from the opposite shoe.

In conclusion I rate these shoes very highly! If you are already a fan of the monk shoe style you will be very pleased with this purchase. If this style has always proved daunting to you in the past, the Cavani Strauss Tan Shoes are ideal for first timers! You won't be disappointed! Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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