9 Fancy Blazers For The Christmas Season


9 Fancy Blazers For The Holiday Season

We're almost going into November and approaching the festive season that we enter in December, which is exciting enough, but one thing that's always on our minds is 'what do I wear?' and this can be valid for the countless invitations you receive, whether it be to the work office party, a friends dinner party, actual Christmas dinner, nights out at the pub, or even a New Years Eve celebration to round out the year... there's a lot of events happening this time of year and it can be daunting. We have you covered though here at House of Cavani, you don't need to worry! We have everything from statement blazers, to something a little more subtle, but rest assured, all of them are festive and season appropriate, all while being incredibly stylish, fitted, and dapper. 

The first option above is the Bella Champagne Slim Fit Blazer (click here to buy) modelled on Digby Edgley, and one of our personal favourites. It's a subtle gold blazer with baroque print, and black lapels. It's one of those jackets that makes a statement and looks absolutely perfect at Christmas and New Year, but if gold is too bright for you, we do have a navy version below if you prefer things a little more subtle. 



What screams Christmas more than a bright red velvet blazer?! This is our House of Cavani Sicily Red Velvet Jacket (buy it here) and we adore it! Some of you guys out there might be bold enough and brave enough to pull this off, making your outfit the focal point of the party, but you can dress it down with some simple black boots and slim fit black jeans too, to keep it more on the casual side, sans a tie. One thing's for sure though, Santa never looked so handsome! 



Like we mentioned, red might not be for you as it's extremely bright, but you can still get in the festive spirit by wearing velvet, just in a darker shade. This is our Rosa Velvet Blazer in Navy (check it out here) and we think it's a great alternative. You can easily wear this piece with black trousers or black skinny jeans and look incredibly stylish at your event, just more understated. The good thing about this blazer though is that since it's velvet, it's always festive!



If neither of these have been bright enough for you and you really do want to go all out, rocking something more statement making than Freddy Mercury, then we recommend the House of Cavani Anthem Gold Detail Blazer (see it here). This blazer features a navy base, with metallic gold paisley designs over the top. We can definitely see this blazer being the centre of attention at your New Years Eve bash!



This is the Rosa Black Blazer in Velvet (buy it here) and if you loved the Navy option above, you're going to adore the Black. Sometimes blue isn't for everyone and black can be more flattering to your skin tone if you have darker features and prefer a moodier look, but it's still festive, purely because it's velvet!  



We mentioned our Bella Navy Slim Fit Blazer (buy it here) above as it's the same style as the gold version on Digby at the top of this post. But like we said, if gold was too bold for you, this blue version will be perfect as it still features the subtle baroque print, but a shade of blue like this is much easier to pair with other pieces. Obviously we recommend going for the gold to really get in the festive spirit, but we love this version too! 



Why not jazz things up with something bright and purple? It's not really considered to be one of the most festive shades, but if you're a fan of doing things your own way, then this would be perfect! This is the Rosa Lilac Velvet Blazer (check it out here) and it's a gorgeous deep, violet shade of purple. Pair it with black and you will be good to go for the whole festive season! 



Velvet isn't for everyone, and we understand that, so take a look at our House of Cavani Rodolfo Slim Fit Black Blazer (buy this jacket here) as this could be the perfect option. Emblazoned with a metallic paisley print, this black tuxedo style blazer is both classy and statement making, especially when it comes to evening wear. We think this is the best way to spruce up a plain black tuxedo! Can you imagine this worn with a black bow tie and trousers? We certainly can. 



And finally, possibly my own personal favourite, it's the Rosa Velvet Blazer in Wine (see the blazer here) and it's a masterpiece. When it comes to velvet, I think there's nothing more striking and fancy than burgundy. When you get that wine shade right, it's the most stunning fabric to look at. Burgundy is of course perfect for the festive season too and can be worn at Christmas or New Year, so I think you can't go wrong with this piece and it suits pretty much everyone! 

So these are our blazer options for the holidays! Which one do you love? 

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