3 Ways To Wear A Blazer For Men


Men have been wearing blazers for centuries! We all know the heritage of them from our history of posts, but since fashion is so eclectic these days and anyone can wear what they want, we’re mixing high and low all of the time. Blazers aren’t just for those posh, suited up occasions and are now a part of the casual wear attire too! With that in mind, we’re sharing 3 ways to wear a blazer and they vary from a nice formal event to a casual day shopping, or on your way to the gym. A blazer will always pull even the most dressed down of looks together, bringing clean lines and structure to your chosen ensemble, which is why a lot of men wear them over their hoodies and with jeans now. There’s something about them that just smartens up your image and takes it to a whole new level!


With Slim Fit Trousers For A Formal Occasion

First up we have the classic blazer and tailored trousers combination. The best thing about this is that it’s not as formal as a three piece suit because they’re not matching pieces, so it works for those occasions where you want to look your best, but aren’t attending a formal function. The best combination would be a patterned or coloured blazer, paired with slim fitting black or grey trousers. The black trousers act as the base and the jacket is the focal point. Pretty much anything goes with black and grey, so you could get away with a tweed blazer in brown or grey, a solid burgundy, velvet options, or even our plaid designs as well. The only colour we would stay away from is plain navy or charcoal with black as it can be too similar to the trousers, so make sure the two pieces are very different. All you need to do is finish it off with a crisp white shirt, or a very subtle print if you’re feeling adventurous, some nice shoes, and even a pocket square if you want one (check out our 12 ways to fold a pocket square post), but don’t opt for a tie as it will look too much like a mismatched suit. If you’re wondering how to wear the trousers, a editorial slim fit with a slightly cropped leg will look perfect!


With Skinny Jeans And Boots For An Evening Out With The Boys

Not every man wants to wear a blazer with trousers, and who can blame them? We’re in the era of skinny jeans and we all love our denim! One of the most common looks we are seeing lately with blazers is styling them with skinny jeans, and the best thing about this is that you can choose pretty much any wash! The best versions would be black, indigo blue, grey, or light blue, but this does depend on what blazer you’re wearing. If you have a darker toned blazer that’s black, grey or a deep jewel tone, then black jeans would work well, as would grey, but if your blazer is lighter in a taupe, a neutral, or something similar, light blue or indigo blue jeans will look perfect with it. You can either opt for some smart Chelsea boots to finish this look off, or a pair of shoes that suit your skinny jeans, and we often see this look worn with fitted t-shirts underneath, but you can of course opt for a shirt if you want, it depends what look you’re going for. Don’t wear a tie, and avoid a pocket square on this occasion as well, as they don’t generally suit the vibe.


With Trainers And A Hoody For A Casual Day Out

Now perhaps you’re just going out for the afternoon to do some shopping and you want to be comfortable, or you’re heading to the gym, but you want to have comfort in your outfit? Don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo a blazer on this occasion either! Many men are wearing their skinny jeans with fitted hoodies and low top trainers or boots, then layering a blazer over the top! This trend of street style mixing casual with smart (or highs and lows as it’s known) is on the rise and we are all for it! One of the looks we have seen often is a light grey tweed suit blazer, slim fitting hoody, skinny jeans in either blue or black, white low top trainers, and then either a grey or black blazer layered over the top, with the hood of the hoody out the back. A casual look like this is perfect for the day, but the blazer just adds that extra structure and togetherness that you might need, making it slimline and stylish, meaning you’d be able to walk into a posh restaurant and not feel out of place as well. It’s ideal!


- So guys, how are you wearing your blazers? Here at House of Cavani we would love to know! Plus, if you’re stuck for some cool blazers to wear on your next outings, here are some of our recommendations for you below, from the more subtle to the more outgoing!







- Images courtesy of Rowan Row, Lookastic & Cjroosterswy.

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