Why Everyman Should Own a Navy Blazer

Your wardrobe can be full of anything you want. Your style is your style. But there is one thing that every man should own. A navy blazer. Lets see why…

A Navy Blazer is Versatile


The possiblities are endless with a blazer. No matter what the situation ahead a  blazer will pull together a look. Throw it over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and your good to go!

Navy Blazer

A blazer as part of a suit is an obvious smart business man look. But a blazer over a knit jumper and trousers pulls it down to just a smart look. A blazer is the perfect addition to make you look that next step up in business.

Looking for a bit more causal? A navy a blazer beneath a simple polo shirt and jeans or even a turtle neck helps you bring that casual look a step further. A great look you shouldn’t go without.

If you think your wardrobe needs a spice up but are on a tight budget, a navy coloured  blazer is the single item that can really help change your look completely.

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