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Olive Three Piece Suit 21/01/2022

Suit Spotlight: Tweed

The infamous tweed blazer. A timeless staple, often associated with the likes of hit shows: Peaky Blinders and Sherlock Holmes. Although Tweed has a somewhat ‘Ivy League’ past, in the modern day it is considered a smart wardrobe staple for any gentleman to incorporate into his wardrobe. Especially during the current sub minus temperatures. House Of Cavani not only offer traditional, popular patterns such as: Barley Corn, Checked, Striped, Hounds Tooth and Herringbone – but also break the mould by bringing in modernised flecked, textured shades, like the newly launched... Read More


The Christmas Must have – Velvet Blazers

This Christmas the Must have is Velvet Blazers When it comes to the holidays, there’s no time of year like the present! There’s decorations, presents, party food, music, Christmas cheer and of course, the amazing parties to attend! Whether you have been invited to a work’s office party or it’s a family gathering. You want to impress and look your best among all the other guests. And what’s the most festive and stylish fabric for December? Velvet Blazers! We absolutely love velvet. It’s the perfect suit material to stand out... Read More


Stand Out From the Crowd… or Not? Waistcoats

Last week we talked about Standing out from the Crowd with Cavani Blazers. Now you’ve got the blazer down, lets talk about what goes underneath. Waistcoats. These waistcoats will not be as bright and vibrant as our blazers. However, each waistcoat and has its own unique point. Standing Out Previous Next Georgi Floral Waistcoat Now this Georgi Floral waist coat you’ll be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room. Its intricate black designs show off its beauty and sophistication. Perfect for any wedding or special occasion. It’s... Read More


Stand Out From the Crowd… Or Not? Cavani Blazers

We all know someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, to be different, to be noticed. Likewise, we also know someone who prefers to mix in, who doesn’t like the attention as much. Either we are one those people or we know someone who is like this. But what is the best way to stand out from the crowd? To mix in? Stand out with Cavani Blazers or mix in with their subtle looks. Standing out with Cavani Blazers House of Cavani Champagne Blazer Stand out from the... Read More