Stand Out From the Crowd… or Not? Waistcoats

Last week we talked about Standing out from the Crowd with Cavani Blazers. Now you’ve got the blazer down, lets talk about what goes underneath. Waistcoats.

These waistcoats will not be as bright and vibrant as our blazers. However, each waistcoat and has its own unique point.

Standing Out

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Georgi Floral Waistcoat

Now this Georgi Floral waist coat you’ll be sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room. Its intricate black designs show off its beauty and sophistication. Perfect for any wedding or special occasion. It’s dark design means your accessories can be bold and bright.

Carly Wine Waistcoat

Maybe not the BOLD you where expecting, but still on our list. Its vibrant colour stands on the edge of subtly, leaning into a bold statement. Red is not your classic colour to wear to the office. Its patterns bring out the shades of red and its coloured stitching. What would you match this with?

Carly Wine 1


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Lennox Navy Waistcoat

This double breasted waist coat alone is a statement! This waist coat gives the look of class and almost royalty. Plain in colour but bold in choice, add your own House of Cavani accessories to add your own edge. Be brave by adding this waistcoat to your everyday wardrobe.

Radika Light Grey Waistcoat

Every thought of white? Every persons nightmare at a dinner party. However, this Radika light grey waistcoat is hard to resist. Double breasted and beautifully patterned, any man can wear Radika with confidence. (Just make sure to tuck a napkin in for protection at dinner.)

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Mixing in

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Carnegi Navy Waistcoat

Now onto the more subtle colours. This Carnegi Tweed Waistcoat is a perfectly fine blue colour with navy accents. Its plain colour makes it perfect for everyday attire and if you’re feeling brave, you can add your own fancy touches to with lapel pins, ties and cufflinks

Kyra Navy Waistcoat

Lets keep it plain and simple with the Kyra Waistcoat. Its navy colour gives it the nice and refined look for any man. Its smooth fabric and simple colour mean it is perfect for your everyday life. You can’t go wrong with a navy waist coat.

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Cody Ice Waistcoat

Looks can be deceiving! Similar to our Radika, this cody ice waistcoat gives off a different vibe. The large check design and hint of orange makes it a good waist coast to put under the matching Cody Ice Blazer or a darker coloured blazer.

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