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Sahara Suede – Caring for your shoes this summer

The common myth is that suede shoes are notoriously difficult to keep looking their best. However, don’t be put off as this really isn’t the case; whether it’s a new pair or you need to rejuvenate an old, at Cheaney, we’ve created a definitive guide on how to care for and protect suede shoes to ensure they remain in excellent condition for many more years of wear. HOW TO CLEAN SUEDE SHOES Whether it’s mud, rain damage or scuff marks, suede shoes can be susceptible to damage just like any... Read More


This Month at House of Cavani

Lets take a look at some of the best selling suits at House of Cavani this month At the very top of our list is the Gaston Sage suit. Neutral colours make it the perfect look for your everyday work. Add a shirt and tie for those office days. Change out the shirt for a polo neck to that sophisticated evening look for a night on the town. Gaston sage is the epitome of comfort and style. If you are going to the office even during these COVID times you... Read More


The Managers Choice

The past month feels like it has lasted forever. People expected to be thriving in 2021 but here we are still in the same place we were 6 months ago. However, despite all of that you have all still been buying from House of Cavani and you have been buying well. Lets take a look at what’s popular this month with House of Cavani. Seeba is a sleek and comfortable suit that comes in Navy or graphite. Both colours provide elegance and suave. With either of these suits you can... Read More


Make Valentines Day Memorable

Its that time of year again…. It’s Valentines. February is the month of love and this week is the time to show her how much you love her. And she will show you how much she loves you. Make Valentines Day special for both of you with the help of Cavani Extravagant gifts Jewelry is always the go to gift for any man. You can’t go wrong with a pretty necklace or bracelet. Jewelry is a statement of love and commitment. Whenever they wear it or see they are going... Read More


Miles – This Month at House of Cavani

Lockdown is still here. Everywhere is still closed, but you have to remain positive. Taking a look over the last month as some of Cavani’s best selling items proves you guys are staying focused on the good things you can have. Everyone may be locked in doors and of course you’re all online shopping. Lets take a look. Miles Three Piece Suit Our Miles three piece suit is our top selling suit in January 2021. It’s no surprise, if you want to look your best the easiest way to do... Read More


Managers Choice at Cavani

With the autumn season coming in full swing its not surprise our managers choice this month is the new Roman Coat. With its warm and colour lining and magnificent colours, you can’t go wrong with this coat. Perfect for any day wear. Special occasions or just a trip to the corner shop. This coat has you covered. Previous Next Our managers just love the Angel three piece Suit (And it goes lovely with the roman coat). Stylish, luxury and perfect for the everyday man. Its subtle patterns and dark colours make it... Read More


This Month on Cavani – Hurricane Grey Boots

Welcome to the House choice. Every month we will have the House of Cavani’s Top selling items and the managers choices. Back in September we found that our Hurricane shoes are our top selling item! These beautiful lace up boots are available in Navy, Tan, Brown and Grey at the reduced price of £29.99! Previous Next Hurricane Boots – Comfort and Style The Hurricane boots are comfortable and stylish. Perfect to wear with jeans, trousers. For a formal occasion or just for day to day wear. These boots provide comfort... Read More


Fashion Bloggers become Gangster with House of Cavani

If there’s one thing we love here at House of Cavani, it’s Gangsters! And you can get that look using our pieces, as these fashion bloggers have pointed out! When there’s a  photoshoot to be done, think of us! We have a large selection of tweed suits to choose from, so honestly, you can’t really go far wrong! You’re probably already familiar with Rowan Row as we have been collaborating with him for quite a while now. He’s been our face in the magazines. However for those of you not familiar.... Read More

George Clooney 07/09/2020

Suits in Style – George Clooney

Following on from our previous entry into our mens suits style hall of fame series. We have chosen another Hollywood legend for our latest blog post, albeit one who is still working today. The world renowned heart throb – George Clooney. Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky in the USA. Born into a family which was no stranger to the celebrity life. His Father a TV anchorman and gameshow host, Mother a beauty queen. As well as various cousins and aunts famous for filling our screens with their acting abilities. It was only... Read More