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wedding suit 03/02/2022
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Wedding Attire for Men: Do’s and Don’ts

With so many styles to choose from – a smart tweed with a colourful thread, a sleek midnight-blue three-piece, or a classic charcoal grey – shopping for men’s wedding attire can be tricky.  At House of Cavani, we know how important it is to look sharp on the big day: as the groom, you might be looking sophisticated in a beige wedding suit to match your partner’s colour palette – or you might be the best man looking bold in a sage tweed wedding suit. Whatever your role in the... Read More

Olive Three Piece Suit 21/01/2022

Suit Spotlight: Tweed

The infamous tweed blazer. A timeless staple, often associated with the likes of hit shows: Peaky Blinders and Sherlock Holmes. Although Tweed has a somewhat ‘Ivy League’ past, in the modern day it is considered a smart wardrobe staple for any gentleman to incorporate into his wardrobe. Especially during the current sub minus temperatures. House Of Cavani not only offer traditional, popular patterns such as: Barley Corn, Checked, Striped, Hounds Tooth and Herringbone – but also break the mould by bringing in modernised flecked, textured shades, like the newly launched... Read More