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Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Suit – Ultimate Suit Guide

Buying a suit can be… an experience. Even for the initiated, the choices in fit, fabric, combinations and colours are enough to bring on a bout of purchasing panic. In our book, suit-buying should be a thoroughly enjoyable affair. In this informative guide, you’ll pick up a few pointers for comfortably navigating the vast sea that is buying a suit. Colour Good-looking suits come in a variety of different colours. A navy suit, however, is one of the most versatile suits you can opt for. It pairs beautifully with several... Read More


Printed Shirts – The Cavani Must have for Summer!

Guys, the summer is upon us. We’re just waiting for that heatwave to hit and the rain to subside. Taking us into June and July with confidence. Since the blazing heat means it’s too hot to wear tweed suits all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of our best printed shirts. Get you in the hot weather mood! Of course you can style these printed shirts with our blazers for an ultimate evening look. However, they work perfectly on their own and we love that... Read More


Statement Accessories for the Modern Gentleman

If you have ever had a question about men’s accessories then you are in the right place. In the past, accessories where a fashion not all men could afford. While those days aren’t so far in the past, accessories are now more affordable and available to everyone. You can find an expensive watch or a solid gold bracelet with diamonds. However, there are some more affordable solutions such as watch without any fancy movements.  Statement Accessories – Jewellery Every man knows what a piece of jewellery is. They often buy... Read More


High / Low Dressing

The biggest potential pitfall with tailored dressing is looking fussy. Fussy is not sexy, it is not attractive. It is closely related to appearing affected or mannered.  Looking relaxed in clothing, on the other hand is very attractive. It lies at the core of terms such as grace and elegance. Here we will look at mixing the casual with the formal. Often named high/low dressing. High / Low Dressing – Outerwear One guiding principle for high/low dressing is to play with the accessories, not the core. So outwear, not jackets;... Read More


Style Hacks for the Modern Gentleman

Dressing well isn’t about dropping your hard earned case on some expensive clothes and having a tailor measure each and every inch of your body to get the perfect fit. Granted, that stuff helps, but there are other things you can do to ensure you’re looking your sharpest at all times. There are a few style hacks you should consider to help keep things fresh. With that in mind, allow us to walk you through some style hacks every modern man should know. Colours, Patterns & Prints Colours, patterns, prints:... Read More


Skin Tones – Choosing the right colour for you

Have you ever tried on an outfit or an item of clothing and figured out that for some reason it just doesn’t look right? It could be that the colours don’t compliment your skin tones. However, its not purely about aesthetics. Knowing what works for you and using it to your advantage can make you feel more confident. Manipulating colours in certain ways can make others perceive you as more assertive, powerful, friendly or loyal. Determining your skin tone The first step in finding clothes to complement is to figure... Read More


Paradigms of Clothing

What is a Paradigm? A paradigm is just a pattern. Something that is followed time and time again throughout history, or has developed its own. So many brands now offer so much in the terms of clothing paradigms. I would suggest that you keep these paradigms in mind when choosing your wardrobe. You might find that while many of them can overlap, they each have their own aesthetic – in terms of cut, texture and colour. British Country A British country style has been a dominant force in the western... Read More


Blazers – 5 Ways to Wear 1

Blazers can be the most important thing for any business mans outfit. A blazer needs to sit right across your shoulders, be the right sleeve length and the right jacket length. Then you have you chose the right colour for the occasion. Every work? Or a party? There are so many choices. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to wear a Cavani Blazer The Cavani Work Blazer A day at the office seems a far stretch nowadays. With everyone working from home its a wonder suits are even needed... Read More


5 ways to wear 1 – Loafers

Shoes are the one thing in every wardrobe that can cause issues when dressing. What shoes go best? What colour works well? Lets make this easier for you, lets look at styling Loafers First of all, what are Loafers? Loafers are easy, simple and sometimes the best shoes to wear. They are slip on style shoes that don’t have laces or any other kind of fastenings. These kind of shoes have a very low heel or even no heel and are typically made with leather or suede. Why wear Loafers?... Read More


Demin Jeans – Five Ways to Wear One

Demin Jeans. They are a statement in every mans wardrobe. Even if you don’t wear them anymore you are more than likely to have a pair stuffed in the back of your wardrobe. But the real question is, how do you style them? Get rid of those tired old looks and try these five ways to style Demin Jeans Demin Jeans, a Shirt & a Jumper Smart. Casual. Smart Casual, or even casual smart. However you want to say it, this look is it. Demin Jeans paired with a shirt... Read More