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Your First Day At The Races With Matt Chapman

Here at House Of Cavani, we have teamed up with popular TV Cheltenham Race-Day presenter Matt Chapman to bring you a RACEDAYREADY Guide, ensuring your first Race Day experience is done the right way. 1. What should I wear to the horse racing? Right, everyone, this is not rocket science but a gentle nudge in the right direction never did anyone any harm! First, please make sure you keep an eye on the forecast. There’re times when I’ve been in the snow at the races but have also been in... Read More

business suit 03/02/2022

What to wear to an interview

As there’s an increased number of workplaces implementing a dressed-down work culture, it can be hard knowing what to wear to an interview. The confusion lies with some industries still expecting a sleek formal wear look, a business suit boasting refined, smart trousers, while others expect a toned-down get-up that shows you have the ability to blend with their company values. The purpose of an interview is to prove to your potential employer you have all the qualities needed for the role; while they assess your suitability, it’s crucial you... Read More

wedding suit 03/02/2022
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Wedding Attire for Men: Do’s and Don’ts

With so many styles to choose from – a smart tweed with a colourful thread, a sleek midnight-blue three-piece, or a classic charcoal grey – shopping for men’s wedding attire can be tricky.  At House of Cavani, we know how important it is to look sharp on the big day: as the groom, you might be looking sophisticated in a beige wedding suit to match your partner’s colour palette – or you might be the best man looking bold in a sage tweed wedding suit. Whatever your role in the... Read More

men's office wear 03/02/2022

Back to Work: A Style Guide for Returning to the Office

The last year has seen a huge shift in our working environments as a large proportion of employees around the country have continued to work from home. Now, though, a number of workers have begun to incorporate office work back into their lives in some way, whether it’s full-time or a more relaxed, hybrid approach of office and home working combined. With so many workers now making the decision to make the transition from their home offices back to their real ones, this inevitably means that it’s also time to... Read More


What to wear to a black tie event if you don’t have a tux

It’s not every day that you get invited to a black-tie event. Often reserved for the finer moments, a tux is classed as formal attire that you only bring out on very rare occasions or if you are James Bond. Many modern gents own suits, but not a tuxedo. So, how do you make the most of this and utilise what you already have in your wardrobe for black tie events? At Cavani, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we’re going to show you ways in which... Read More


Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Suit – Ultimate Suit Guide

Buying a suit can be… an experience. Even for the initiated, the choices in fit, fabric, combinations and colours are enough to bring on a bout of purchasing panic. In our book, suit-buying should be a thoroughly enjoyable affair. In this informative guide, you’ll pick up a few pointers for comfortably navigating the vast sea that is buying a suit. Colour Good-looking suits come in a variety of different colours. A navy suit, however, is one of the most versatile suits you can opt for. It pairs beautifully with several... Read More


Go from Work to Date in these Simple Steps

So it’s finally happened, your bad tinder jokes have worked and you’ve got a date tonight. The only issue is, you have to go straight from work. There is no time for you to get home, change, and get back out again. Here’s a life hack, you need it. With careful planning and some good execution, you won’t even need to take anything extra with you on your morning commute. If you pick the right outfit, you can smash out your day job and go straight to the date with... Read More


Modern Office Style

What should I wear to work today? Sure… A shirt and tie might not be the most comfortable outfit, but at least it makes getting dressed more straightforward. You just wear a suit. And a tie.  Business casual, on the other hand, is just… Confusing. How do we define a dress code? Are there actual rules, or a list of DO’s and DON’Ts you should follow? The answer is yes… Sort of. Unlike stricter dress codes like black tie, business casual is very loosely defined. It leaves a lot of... Read More


Create Your Capsule Wardrobe

Looking perfect every single day takes time and effort, right? Not necessarily, if you have curated the perfect capsule wardrobe, looking great can be as easy as waking up, grabbing any combination of clothes and accessories off of the rail and heading out of the door! A capsule wardrobe is a simplified version of a collection of clothing, usually made up of a few timeless pieces, that make looking stylish as simple and straightforward as possible. They contain a mix of clothing to suit every occasion and event, and if... Read More


Printed Shirts – The Cavani Must have for Summer!

Guys, the summer is upon us. We’re just waiting for that heatwave to hit and the rain to subside. Taking us into June and July with confidence. Since the blazing heat means it’s too hot to wear tweed suits all the time. We thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of our best printed shirts. Get you in the hot weather mood! Of course you can style these printed shirts with our blazers for an ultimate evening look. However, they work perfectly on their own and we love that... Read More