Are you wedding ready?

Lockdown is upon us but as soon as these restrictions are lifted Wedding season is GO!

Whether you a groom, best man or just the guest, check out these House of Cavani Suits.

Caridi Beige at your Wedding

Our Caridi Beige suit is the best choice for a summer event. Its light colours and smooth design make it the perfect addition for a summer wedding. Match the bride beautifully.

Elwood Suit for a unique Wedding

A different kind of fashion. All natural colours and a sleek pattern that will make any women swoon (especially your bride). You can’t go wrong with our classic Elwood suit.

Albert Brown

And finally, a classic. Our Albert brown suit.  A staple of any event, weather you are the part of the bridal party or just a well dressed guest. Albert brown is the perfect suit for you.

Check out our other suits in our Dress to Impress – Weddings Series. 


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